New London Information

We had a great meeting with parents and students preparing for the London 2015 trip More »

Sheet Sale for London

The Stampede is selling wonderful microfiber bed sheet sets to raise money for our London More »

2014 Fundraising – Spirit Nights

Due to the fundraising guidelines through NPC and Pizza Hut, we have been unable to More »


Chris Cleaners and Clothes Spa Fundraiser

Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa

Community Give Back Program:


Sign up by emailing with your name, address, phone number and preferred pickup and delivery date.  We have a Tuesday Pick up with a Thursday delivery or a Friday pick up with a Tuesday delivery.  Pick Up and Delivery is Free with a $10.00 order.  All Clothes are cleaned at Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa.

Collectively get 10 Participants quarterly to start receiving give back checks

Use Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa for Dry Cleaning & Laundry Needs

Get %10 of every dollar spent donated back monthly to your cause for as long as you choose to be on the program, there is no limit to the number of participants and they are not required to be directly associated with your cause.  For example, people other than parents can give back by using Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa

Special Promotion:  On your first $100 spent I will make a onetime $40.00 donation, %10 to follow that first $40.00 payout on additional money spent.

Your Potential Give Back $$

For the following example assume each person averages $25.00/ Month in Dry Cleaning

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.42.41 AM

Year to year customer base will grow and your give back $$ will also grow.

Chris Lowe


Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa


Greenfest Lawncare Fundraiser information

Green Lawncare Logo

Greenfeet Lawncare is not just another lawn care company. We are an organic-based lawn care service that is environmentally responsible. Compared to traditional chemical lawn care we have been able to reduce the amount of weed and insect control usage on our lawns. You can have a rich, lush lawn your children and pets can play on without concern. A lawn that requires less work and looks lovely and green. That’s the beauty and simplicity of Greenfeet Lawncare. Greenfeet Lawncare uses granular organic-based fertilizers. These fertilizers help to build a healthy soil and encourage a dense root system without damaging the active soil organisms such as earthworms and beneficial insects. The result: a thick, healthy lawn that requires less pesticide usage. Our service consists of 8 applications per year and includes all your fertilizer and weed control needs.  


Sign up with Greenfeet Lawncare Today and will donate $50.00 to the Lambert High School Band. Just mention the Lambert High School Band when you call and we will do the rest. Call today 770-619-2929.

Mark Nannenhorn


Greenfeet Lawncare


Indoor Drumline Handbook

Click here for the Indoor Drumline Manual (also available in the members, forms page

London Surcharge

Per the email, there is a $30 per person surcharge for the London trip due to airline & security charges.  Please click on the link below to pay this charge via credit card or paypal.

Full Package Surcharge

New London Information

We had a great meeting with parents and students preparing for the London 2015 trip on Monday night August 25. Click on the info below or visit the London Page for more info. WE NEED SPONSORS AND DONATIONS. If you are interested in sponsoring the band (or interested in finding sponsors) click on the sponsorship information.

London New Year’s Day 2015 Presentation
London Documentation Sheet Due September 2 with payment
London Itinerary
2013-14 Sponsorship Levels
2013-14 Sponsorship Commitment Form